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A team from India works in the kitchen and in the dining hall of Tandoor Restaurant. Cooks led by chef Ram Bahadur Karki prepare a variety of delicious dishes according to traditional and sometimes even family recipes. Guests are welcomed like family. 

Here the hospitality is absolute. The personnel will do everything to make your every visit to Tandoor pleasant and unforgettable.

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There are no insignificant details in the operation of a successful restaurant: everything, from cleanness of a rug at the entrance to the appearance of a wine bottle, contributes to the image of the establishment in an important way. The owners of Tandoor set high standards of service and food quality. Our task is to live up to these standards every day.




So, you are in our restaurant for the first time, and you have never heard anything about Indian cuisine? Order the hits our regular guests come back for: Lemon Garlic Prawn (tiger shrimps in lemon and garlic sauce with cream), Butter Chicken (chicken in tomato and cream sauce), Murg Tikka Masala (chicken fillet in tomato and onion gravy). Don't forget to complement your meal with rice and/or naan bread.

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Ram Bahadur Karki. Studied culinary arts in Nepal. From 1996 works his magic in the kitchen as a a chef. He knows Indian cuisine inside out and he loves to experiment with flavors and create new recipes



Pastry chef

I came to St. Petersburg from Bihar, a state in the North of India. I’ve been with Tandoor for four years. I have a sweet tooth and gladly share my passion for sweets with our guests. Try our famous (and my personal favorite) Jalebi: (golden, crispy spirals in sugar syrup) and Gajar Halwa (an Indian pudding made with carrots, cream, cashew nuts, raisins and cardamom)!




Never tasted curry? Then come visit us, since you’d better try the dish cooked as per traditional recipes.




Here in Tandoor we take details very seriously. All spices and rice are from India, since proper ingredients are required to cook traditional dishes. Even prepared in a simple way, this rice will keep the Indian sun within.




I have been working in Tandoor for five years, and in that time I’ve got to love both the restaurant and the team with all my heart. It’s great that we work together, because it’s the only way to create a good atmosphere in the establishment. To make guests feel at home from the moment they enter the restaurant, I’ve learnt many phrases in Russian, despite its difficulties, and am constantly improving my knowledge.



Senior Waiter

In India we like not only having a good meal, but also arranging a sumptuous feast. If you want to see a true Indian festivity, come to Tandoor for Holi or Diwali! We prepare a program with music and dancing for guests, and we like adding a few surprises.




If your dream is to try dishes of Indian cuisine, as well as to connect with traditions, come to Tandoor. We’ll teach you to eat your meal using hot crisp flat bread instead of cutlery.

Об индийском ресторане Тандур


About Indian Tandoor

Tandoor Indian Restaurant opened on the corner of Admiralteysky and Voznesensky Prospects back in 1994. The owners, husband and wife Dhiraj Pratap and Ekaterina Sweitzer, bought the place from their acquaintance in 2009 to turn their vision – of what the oldest Indian restaurant in St. Petersburg should be –  into reality. They used to be regular guests at Tandoor and always saw the restaurant’s great and unrealized potential to excel. Ekaterina and Dhiraj, combining their sufficient hospitality backgrounds with passion and devotion to their new “venture”, stepped on the path to bringing Tandoor closer to the ideal they imagined.

Each day Ekaterina and Dhiraj work to increase the quality of service, improve the menu and keep track of every detail:

“We import rice and spices directly from India to adhere to traditional recipes,” the couple says. “And we are even more meticulous and responsible about choosing our personnel. Who can cook a proper Indian dish better than an Indian cook? That’s why we hand pick cooks, waiters and managers in India ourselves and have them join our team. The personnel love living and working in St. Petersburg. They respect their work very much and do it proudly every day. We don’t control anything in the kitchen: the magical process of preparing dishes is performed with adherence to technology and choice of the highest quality produce. In the restaurant guests are surrounded with the attention and care. Our managers and waiters always help choose the perfect dish and just the right amount of spices to go with it, they are also eager to explain the way a traditional meal in India is arranged. There’s no need to teach Indians hospitality – it runs in their blood.”

Today, Tandoor is a landmark every connoisseur of Indian cuisine and culture in St. Petersburg knows.

It’s worth booking a table in advance. Then you’ll be able to choose a convenient place to enjoy the warm atmosphere and try spicy, bright and unforgettable dishes.



Everything we order were great! i ask not spicy, and for me some dressing was spicy, but my husband found it very mild. Music and ambience also perfect. I found that i didnt like tea with spucy but it was interesting to try))) meal for 2person without alchohol ~2,6k rub. Show less
About Indian Tandoor
I'm a curry fanatic and will always seek out the best Indian restaurant on my travels. This place is Curry Heaven ! Specialising in North Indian cuisine, Tandoor is 100% authentic offering traditional dishes of the highest quality and most delicious flavours. Even the naan bread was superb, especially when dunked in those awesome sauces !!!!
About Indian Tandoor
i been to that place and found the best quality food with quick service best greeted staff i think (1st impression is the last impression).i ordered the food it was not that spicer what i wanted spoke to the waiter he reacted fast and replaced it with the spicer one.i enjoyed my meal with the local lager beer .thanks for your hospitality and quality service,highly recommended.soon visiting again
About Indian Tandoor
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